De tourismworldinter-national

De Tourism World Inter-national


11.12.2014 12:30

Uyoyou CharlesIyoha

Great event for the good people of a great nation like Nigeria. I hope this event makes Nigeria a preferred tourism destination like Bali.

11.12.2014 21:20

De Tourism world

Many thanks for your kind response. There is a place in Nigeria like Bali of Indonesia, check out Lacampagne Tropicana Beach resort at Ibeju Lekki and get back to us.

01.12.2014 12:48

Legend creative photography

I believe the essence of life on this planet is tourism. if you are not touring, you are not living a purposeful life. so take a chance to tour and see the changes and beauty of nature

01.12.2014 12:41

Omics Concepts Int'l

Wow so lovely... I can see... De Tourism World taking a new Image beating Beyond the Best and taking over Territories... bringing together all Geo-political minds to achieving a better result ever....

01.12.2014 12:29


This is the birth of a new era IN THE TOURISM WORLD. Please take this generation to the next height. May the Lord Expand Your Territorial Control in this sector.

01.12.2014 10:40


Una too much. Its like you have really visited all the regions of Nigeria and touched the 7 continents of the world. What are u guys really up to?

27.11.2014 13:38

Onyenkwere Chijioke

This is amazing. Thumps up to you De Tourism World.