Introduction to Agro-Tourism

Agri-Tourism or Agro-Tourism, as it is defined most broadly, involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. Agritourism has different definitions in different parts of the world, and sometimes refers specifically to farm stays as in Italy. Elsewhere, agritourism includes a wide variety of activities, including buying produce direct from a farm stand, navigating a corn maze, slopping hogs, picking fruit, feeding animals, or staying at a Bed &Breakfast guest house on a farm.

Agro-Tourism is a form of niche tourism that is considered a growth industry in many parts of the world, including Australia,Canada,the United States, Holand, china and  the Philippines.Other terms associated with agritourism are "agritainment", "value added products", "farm direct marketing" and "sustainable agriculture". In the western world you hear of farm houses, garden shops, etc.

According to New York Times, retrieved 2009-07-04. It is said that though most agritourists simply spend an afternoon visiting farm stands, picking fruit, or feeding animals, others might stay on a farm for several days. Depending on the farm, they might have the opportunity to help with farm or ranch chores, contributing to tasks ranging from planting crops to building greenhouses.

In Nigeria, West Africa you can talk about farm settlements in Kaduna or kano state, along Akure- Abuja road, Along Benin - Ore road or along Abakaliki – Enugu Road where people leave their homes to come and lodge for the purpose of farming and trading.  They bring out their goods mostly agricultural food items like garri, plantain, banana, maize, wheat, palm oil etc to sell to travellers on transit. Nigeria has that history and the time has come to modify it and join the world in the modern Agro tourism business that reduces poverty, empowers the rural communities, generates revenue and entertains both local and foreign tourists when they visit.

From research and the below pictorial examples, Greenhouse agro-tourism system is a good answer to this needed modification.   


Green house systems definitely compliments the old subsistence farming and makes farming more attractive, productive and profitable while attracting tourists and improving the quality of hospitality services since Green house produce are of higher quality, greater yields and more durable. Investment in Greenhouse Agro-tourism farming promotes entrepreneurship, empowerment and job creation. It reduces poverty and creates employment for jobless youths who are vulnerable to crime.

Greenhouse investment is broadly analysed on the tourism business section on this website. 


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