The increasing number of tourists and the evolving profile of today's traveler demand a new and diverse range of infrastructural projects and hospitality services which provides a wide spectrum of investment opportunities. Apart from the conventional hotels and the usual common tourism related businesses, other tourism business opportunities include:

* Parks, pubs and camping sites: This provides adventure and pleasure for tourists and provides revenue. It is not always enough as different tourists look out for different types of hang-outs and loves checking out variety of outfits during a single visit.

* Air taxi: This is always inadequate in supply and there is growing demand for it by both business and holiday visitors requiring quick visits to far tourist destinations. This could be in the form of helicopters or jets.

* Cruise boats: The availability of sea and water ways offers opportunity for the operation of various types of lake and sea transportation services for various leisure purposes such as cruise excursions or purely passenger service or for personalized off shore recreations.

* Tour Handling Services: This is a small scale business that involves provision of ground logistics required by in-coming tourists like taxi, airport protocol and tour guide etc.

* Credit card agency: This is a system of offering credit for tourists to pay bills at areas that do not accept cards. It is a sensitive business that needs proper study.

* Specialty Restaurants: Restaurants designed in native styles enjoy good patronage during tourist visits. Tourists always try to have a taste of local and national dishes.

* Design and Souvenir shops: Local fashion and souvenir designer materials are always in high demand by tourists as they always wish to get materials to remember their trip.

* Caravan or Open Buses. This is for group sightseeing tour experience and it is highly rewarding.

*Green house Agric-Tourism: Green House Agro-Tourism farming is a term used to define agricultural endeavors that are carried out using greenhouses for food and sightseeing.

The structure is mostly made of walls, glasses or sheets of clear special materials, in which temperature and humidity can be controlled for the cultivation and protection of plants. These allow farmers to grow many different kinds of crops in climates that may not be hospitable.

The development of greenhouse farming techniques has generally resulted in more overall food for the whole world and helped to reduce world hunger problems and improves tourism development in host communities. With green houses, agricultural products are harvested regardless of whether the food is out of season or not.

Green house systems will compliment the old subsistence farming and make farming more attractive, productive and profitable while attracting tourists and improving the quality of hospitality services since Green house produce are of higher quality, greater yields and more durable. This is a supper Agro-Tourism Investment with a quick pay-back period and a fantastic return on investment.